Looking for a Business Investment, by using CIEX you can find a range of opportunities to suit your risk profile from buying a business to funding expansion.

If you have money to invest your options may seem limited. Now using CIEX you can access a wider range of business opportunities.Through CIEX you can find businesses in areas of interest to you who are seeking investment or you can invite investment requests from specific types of business. Your accountant will advise you on your risk exposure and help you to assess the opportunities.They will also be able to give valuable advice on risks, returns, tax matters and exit strategies.

Investment plus Participation
"You have money to invest but you may also have skills to offer!"
Many businesses need capital to allow them to move to the next level, but you may also have knowledge to bring to a growing firm, management skills, specialised qualifications, industry experience. What better way to oversee your investment than be part of the team? If you want more control of your Investments your accountants can use their knowledge and CIEXs platform to find the right opportunities for you.

New Direction:
Starting from scratch can seem like an adventure but starting with an established business with real customers allows you to plan based on real trading figures. Cash flow from day one and the opportunity to retain the business know how of the existing owners are just two of the benefits of buying an existing business. Avoiding simple mistakes when learning a new business can mean the difference between success and failure.

“By having Cash Flow, Customers and Experienced support you can to concentrate on putting your mark on the business and work on growing it in line with your vision”.

Speak to your Accountant about your plans and see how CIEX can help you find your new business. Your accountant will be there to guide you from the initial exploration to signing on the dotted line and beyond.

Finding Investors:
Is the next growth step beyond the reach of your finances? Are you unable due to lack of capital to take a contract which could transform your company? Frequently businesses find themselves in this dilemma. Traditionally Investors have been hard to find. Ironically those with money to invest find themselves facing similar issues of lack of choice and poor information. Listing on CIEX to find an investor may be the answer.

Investment partners both passive and active can be found on CIEX and evaluated through your Accountants keeping your involvement completely confidential.